Thursday, July 26, 2012


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JOVIAL = HAPPY, FUNNY (Example: What a jovial time I’m having posting these medieval terms.)

NAY = NO (Example: Nay, I have no internet on my phone, for verily, I am stricken with ancient technology.)

YEA / AYE = YES (Example: Aye, ye must be careful when posting comments. Once they're out, it can’t be taken back.)

MORROW = DAYS or TOMORROW (Example: I shall try to write another post on the morrow when time permits.)

POPPET = DOLL, PUPPET or CHILD (Example: Because I am trying to get this posted, my wee poppets have run of the house. . . . It now resembles a war zone *smile*.)

PRIVY = OUTHOUSE / TOILET (Example: Cleaning yon privy oft requires rubber gloves, face mask and strong chemicals.)

PERCHANCE / MAYHAP = PERHAPS / MAYBE (Example: Mayhap one can utilize medieval terms to impress one’s friends. Or at the very least, dress the part and use them at yon medieval fair.)

PRAY PARDON ME = EXCUSE / EXCUSE ME  (Example: Pray pardon my lack of posts sometimes. I’m a novice to social media and a busy mother thrice times over.)

PRITHEE (literally meaning "I pray thee"), I PRAY YOU = PLEASE (Example: Prithee, good gentle, wouldst thou slay yon dragon for me?)

OFT = OFTEN (Example: I have oft pondered the meaning of social connections. Bottom line, be true to thyself and what thou knowest to be right.)


  1. Feels like Chaucer all over again ;)

  2. Though I could NEVER truly measure up to the wonderful Geoffrey Chaucer, thanks for the compliment Chris! Means a lot coming from you - unless, of course, you don't like Chaucer, then I'll just pretend I didn't see you comment LOL!