Sunday, August 5, 2012

More Medieval Terms


MERRY/BY MY FAITH/‘SWOUNDS/BY HEAVEN = OH MY GOSH (Example: Merry! Look at the time! By heaven, I’ve gotta go, so fare ye well.)

NE’ER = NEVER (Example: I ne’er thought I’d get hooked on social media, but its addictive power is akin to the taste of chocolate which is oft sweet, but sometimes bitter.)

AS YOU WILL = WHATEVER YOU SAY (Example: You prefer to text all day long? As you will, ‘tis no business of mine.)

GOOD DAY/MORROW/EVE = HELLO (Example: Good day, my fine followers. And how be your families?)

TOSSPOT = DRUNKARD (Example: Yon tosspot just tossed his cookies into a pot.) or (Texting while driving is as dangerous as a tosspot behind the wheel.)

VERILY = TRULY (Example: Verily this social media thing be a test of “wills” – Will I blog or will I tweet?)

WHEREFORE = WHY/FOR WHAT REASON (Example: Wherefore hast thou posted such embarrassing comments? Hast thou no thought for thy dignity?)

YONDER, YON = THERE (Example: Look yonder, beyond thy electronic devise, there’s a whole other world out there.)

BETIMES = IN A SHORT TIME/SOON, IN GOOD TIME/EARLY (Example:  I awoke betimes to the whimpering of my wee babe. I hope I can rock her back to sleep.)

These may be it on the terms for a while. I've pretty much covered the ones I used in my story.


  1. There were some new ones to me in this list. I'll have to toss tosspot around for reaction watching. :)

    Thanks as always!

  2. Nice! Way to have fun with the terms!

    Elsie Park