Friday, January 25, 2013

Moving "Whoas"
Whoa, we have a lot of JUNK!

We finally sold our two-bedroom condo after 2 years of being on the market. We’d been in it since we were a newly-married couple with no kids, but we were bursting at the seams with three small energetic children 10 years later. It sold just a week ago, papers signed, mortgage paid off, but in the middle of a COLD winter. Ugh. Well, beggars can’t be choosers. A winter move it was. Not having another home picked out yet, we moved into my husband’s parent’s basement, but the move presented a good list of what I called my moving “whoas.” Here are a few of them:

Whoa wait, the buyer wants to close in TWO DAYS, and we need to be out in FOUR? Uh . . . all right . . . let’s start packing - Actually, by the time we were told the closing date, we’d already moved our non-essentials and only had the items we needed to live by. It was still a non-stop packing, moving and organizing venture that took some serious effort, though.

Whoa, hold up, this California king-size mattress isn’t going to fit in the stairwell. How the HECK did we get it up into our room when we first bought it? Here, just squish it a little . . . there you go . . . now throw your body against it . . . yeah, now it fits.
Whoa, be careful bringing the heavy furniture down the snowy pathway to our temporary basement home. One slip and I’ll be a pancake under the couch. . . . Whew, made it without any mishaps other than sore muscles for the next week.

Whoa, you mean we have to DISSASSEMBLE the entertainment center in order to get it through the door? Just take SOME of it apart, and then we can lift the remaining piece into the truck . . . yea, that’s right, lift, shuffle, back up, forward . . . now tip it onto the tailgate . . . CRACK! Uh, looks like our 6-foot wide entertainment center is now a much lighter 2 ½-foot wide piece. Oh well, now it fits in the basement.

Whoa! Look at all the DUST and GRIME under the washer, dryer, fridge, oven and behind the headboard! The Dust Buster won’t even begin to clean all that up. Better use the shop vac!

Whoa, whoa, did you already pack up all the towels and take them to the other place? And we just moved the washer, too! Looks like we’ll be sharing a dirty towel for a few days. Aaa!

Whoa, NO! Do not pack the TOILET PAPER until we leave the house for good!

Whoa, one of the two basement bedrooms is already filled with the boxes we’re leaving packed. Uh, that only leaves the other 11 by 11-foot room to put the California King, bunk beds, crib and four chests of drawers. Naw, we don’t need walking room between beds. We can just step on mattresses and cabinets. No problem. Brings us closer together as a family . . . OUCH, get off my foot! Okay, maybe a little too close. Let’s go hang out in the family room.

Whoa, I lost 4 pounds in 4 days! Who knew moving a house would be the most effective exercise routine I’ve ever done? Nice! Who else needs to move? I’m game!

We just paid off our first and second mortgage and the outstanding credit card bill with the sale of our house. Yahoo! . . . Whoa, wait, you’re telling me we only have a few hundred dollars to our name after all that? And I still have to fill the cabinets with food, buy the girls winter pants, pay the bills owed for electricity and gas for the first part of the month and put gas in the car. Sheesh. I guess this means no vacation for a while. Sigh.

Whoa, where the heck did we pack the miniature thumb drive? I remember putting it in a place that would be safe during the move, but now I can’t remember where that place WAS! The kids’ computer games were on it. Oh well, bring out the board games and coloring books. . . . Uh, you don’t know which box those were in either? AAARGH!

Little Caesar's Hot and Ready Pep!
Whoa, are you kidding? I am NOT cooking dinner after an entire day of moving boxes in the freezing cold, organizing, rearranging, taking care of three children and then changing our address over the phone with about 10 different companies. . . . Yes, Little Caesar’s Hot and Ready pepperoni pizza and crazy bread sound DIVINE!

Whoa, glad we were all moved before the freezing rain came through our state and turned driveways, roads and parking lots into giant ice rinks. Could have been interesting: Figure skating with appliances. Possibly the next Olympic sport. Particularly entertaining for spectators. 

Whoa, we’re certainly blessed to have relatives who’ve allowed us to live in their basement until we find another habitation of our own. Thanks mom and dad! We love you! Hope you still love us months down the road when we’re still in your house.


  1. Oh, Elsie, I'm exhausted and I only read about all the work you did! I tell you, if I ever sell my house I'm giving the buyer a discount if they take all the junk with it. Did I mention my husband's a pack rat?! Whoa is right! (Or more like woe, for me!)

  2. Ha ha, my sweet dad is the same! A total pack rat! But if I ever need anything, he's got it *smile*.

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