Thursday, June 20, 2013

Emissions Test Failure!
Well, my husband's 1988 Chevy S-10 didn't pass emissions inspection this year. Grrr. I dread these inspections every year. We have thirty days to figure out why white smoke comes out the tailpipe when it's revved up. Maybe something to do with antifreeze leaking onto an engine component or something. Who knows until he gets under the hood. Frustrating. He'll be spending his upcoming weekends fixing his ancient truck instead of spending time with his little girls. It's tough keeping an old vehicle alive. It'd be nice to simply purchase a newer truck, but we just don't have the money. As it is, we also live in the in-law's basement, and we are trying to find an affordable house of our own. Doesn't leave much room for a new/used vehicle.

To top it off, the belt on my old Eureka vacuum broke and I'm having a surprisingly difficult time finding a replacement belt. The vacuum model number doesn't match store catalogs anymore (guess it's too old), leaving me with the task of finding a generic belt, which resulted in smoking rubber from under the vacuum when I turned it on - YUCK! - STUNK UP THE HOUSE! Had to open all the doors and windows, for there's nothing as bad as burnt rubber stench. Can't afford a new vacuum right now, either.

These things being said, my intent is not to come across as "poor me," but to point out that I'm trying to count my blessings in this way:

If the emissions problem isn't fixed in time to register the truck for June, we'll be down to one car. A hassle, but at least we have one reliable vehicle, which, I realize, is more than some unfortunate people have. Also, living with my in-laws, I can borrow their vacuum until mine can be fixed. This is called focusing on my blessings and not the inconveniences of life (easier said than done at times, but always a good rule of thumb).

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