Saturday, August 10, 2013


When I see this cover I think, good old-fashioned "James Bond" thriller, but in a WESTERN! The color contrast is striking and sharp!

"Fast-paced and as big as the land it rides through . . . filled with rugged characters who resonate with the sounds and feeling of the true West. A remarkable debut novel . . ."—Andrew Smith, author, The Marbury Lens, Ghost Medicine, Winger, and Stick.

Overview (by Jolly Fish Press):
Even among his small town neighbors, Jim is a content man. Despite the emotional baggage from his time serving in Desert Storm, he successfully runs a ranch, owns several beautiful horses, and makes extra cash as a wilderness guide for wealthy tourists. He's a modern-day cowboy. That is, until he runs into an ongoing mob-hit while riding in the mountains. Now, his most beloved horse is bleeding to death, three mobsters are dead from his smoking gun, and a wounded criminal is begging for his help. Jim has to make a decision. He can either high-tail it out of there, or accept a tempting offer made by the criminal—a promise of millions in stolen mafia cash for any help he gives. Of course, only an idiot would turn down such an appealing offer when they’re marked for death anyway. Besides, Jim’s good nature cannot allow him to leave someone for dead, even a criminal. Soon, Jim finds himself on a trip to retrieve a truckload of stolen money near the Las Vegas strip, right under the Mafia’s nose. But even if they escape with the cash, will Jim’s conservative neighbors provide sanctuary for their local Samaritan, and how far will the mafia go for revenge?

ON SALE AUGUST 24, 2013!

350 PAGES, 6” x 9”
Hardcover ($28.99): 978-1-939967-12-1
Trade Paperback ($16.99): 978-1-939967-13-8
Ebook ($7.99): 978-1-939967-14-5

About the author:
ERIC BISHOP is known to his friends and family as an “author version of Clint Eastwood.” As the owner of a successful marketing firm, Bishop spends most of his time on his Utah ranch writing with the music of his adolescence bouncing off the walls. When he's not writing, Bishop enjoys spending time with his wife and four lovely daughters at his home in Nibley, Utah. Unlike Jim, Bishop hasn't had any run-ins with the Mafia. Yet.

Find Eric Bishop online here:
Twitter: @ericbishopwords

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