Friday, December 6, 2013


My in-law's long, slanted driveway (garage behind the camera)
When my sister sent me a picture of her new Texas abode (or her car rather) covered in ice from her first ice storm, it reminded me of my first ice storm at the beginning of 2013 in Northern Utah (U.S.A.). I think it was Utah's first ice storm in 15-20 years and IT WAS NUTS! We were living with my in-laws at the time and they have a slanted driveway. We had to open their garage door when we pulled into the driveway because there was ZERO traction. The car slid (despite our brakes) toward the garage, but once our wheels hit the garage floor that was not covered with ice, the car stopped. SO NUTS! We actually had to do this twice in the same day (picking the kids up from school and then going out for essential groceries). The first time we returned home, the car slid straight forward for a perfect ride into the haven of the garage. The second time, however, the car turned at a 45 degree angle and slid that way toward the garage wall, nearly hitting the corner of the brick structure. But we came out of it unscathed (or rather the car did, anyway), but emotionally, I never wanted to experience that again. The girls had fun sledding down the driveway, though, so that was one good thing that came of it.

My girls using the driveway for sliding
Well, we've since moved out of my in-laws, but our new driveway is even MORE slanted than theirs. So far this winter, we've been doing all right in the snow with our 4-wheel drive vehicles, but if Utah gets another ice storm, we'll be in trouble on the driveway. Yeah, I don't care what people say about their 4-wheel drive vehicles being able to get through anything. ICE is no respecter of cars. What's the difference between a 2-wheel and a 4-wheel drive vehicle on ice? Nothing, except the latter has all four wheels spinning instead of just two. If another ice storm occurs, we'll either have to park up near the road, or simply not go anywhere at all (I like the latter thought complete with a cozy fire and hot cocoa).

In-law's truck covered with ice
 In this 2013 storm, we were finally able to walk around (get the mail and retrieve the trash can by the road) by wearing my husband's mountaineering "crampons" (metal spikes that attach to your boots). After that, walking around outside was actually fun!

Happy Holidays!
Ice-covered walkway

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