Thursday, May 15, 2014

Treasure Chest Mailbox

When we moved into our new (1980s) home, my husband and I got ourselves a mailbox to replace the old rusty one the house came with. We got one large enough for packages to be delivered in, but cool looking too. Being big "Pirates of the Caribbean" fans, we found one that resembled a treasure chest, though it wasn't cheap. When it arrived, we had the idea to make it look even MORE like a treasure chest by painting gold tacks and a latch onto it with Sharpie's metallic gold oil-based paint pen. We completed it with a LEGO Jolly Roger on one side of the flag and a STORM TROOPER Jolly Roger on the other side of the flag (these were the two our girls liked the best). So here's the finished product (with our address blacked out of course). We'll be putting the mailbox in the ground this weekend.

Side with latch and STORM TROOPER Jolly Roger sticking up from the other side

                                               Closeup of the latch

LEGO Jolly Roger. We put packing tape around the flag to weather-proof it. It's not the most professional job, but hey, we never put the mailbox flag up anyway.

STORM TROOPER Jolly Roger on the other side of the flag.

And there you go! The Park Family treasure chest mailbox, INSTALLED!

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