Thursday, September 18, 2014

Safari Birthday Parties!

My girls had birthday parties a few weeks apart. My 6-year-old wanted a Safari Party and my 9-year-old wanted a Horse Roundup Party. My husband, always one to go crazy on anything that spells "party" made a safari vehicle out of his old Chevy S-10 pickup.

For both parties we hid tons of stuffed animals and stuffed horses all over our 1-acre yard for the party-goers to spot from the truck.

Some of the animals had bags of "loot" beside them (little prizes like pencils, stickers, animal related trinkets, etc.) which I handed out to the kids.

The safaris were a success with the added fun of other games and activities.

My husband also rigged up a homemade "horsey ride" from some strong cardboard, 2x4s and stick horses, pulling it behind his ATV. Another popular activity for the kids!

After the horse party ended and all the kids returned home, we surprised both girls with a REAL horsey ride. They'd never been on a horse in their lives, so it was a real treat.

Our sweet neighbors saddled up their horse, Slick, and led the girls around their yard to the girl's ultimate delight.

My husband and our youngest even got to ride. My youngest's shirt, which was too big for her, was giving a little "off the shoulder" look *smile*. The girls said they'd remember these parties forever. That's good, because I don't think I'll be able to do them every year, or even every two years. Too much work for just a 2 hour party! Maybe every 3 years. We'll just have a small family celebration for the years in between *laugh*. GOOD TIMES!


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