Monday, November 3, 2014

Our Halloween Haunted Hollow

We finally had a large enough parcel of land to have fun with a haunted hollow this Halloween. Thanks to the local thrift store, dollar store, donated items from family members, and my husband bringing home free cardboard and styrofoam from work, we were able to create things for our spook alley rather cheaply. Using every bit of rope we owned, he made a pathway that wound through our property, resulting in a good 15 minute walk complete with jack-o-lanterns, creepy lighting, spooky sounds on giant speakers borrowed from his brother, scarecrows, witch cauldron with dry ice, fortune teller booth (with fortune cookies), a headless horseman, werewolf, fake spider webs, a giant spider made of plastic bags, a pacman scene, and gravestones with witty quotes and names on them (some we made up, others we found online). Here are some pictures of our hollow. They were taken during the day, so they don't look very spooky, but at night with all the lighting and sounds, they turned out great. It was successful enough that we may attempt to do it again next year. AANNDD, not wanting anyone to feel left out for not knowing about it, I need to explain that this being the first year we did it, we used only four families as Guinea pigs to try it out. Next year we'll tell more people about it.

The styrofoam gravestones were knocked down by the windy afternoon at the time I took the pictures, but the evening was great after we set them up again. 

I originally put "Here lies the Pillsbury Dough Boy - Died of a yeast infection," but my husband prefered "He will rise again." I still like mine better *smile*

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