Monday, May 16, 2016

SHADOWS OF VALOR featured on Jolly Fish Press Front Page!

Model: Paulina Baykova. Photo: Yelena Baykova. Design: Jolly Fish Press 

OH COOL! SHADOWS OF VALOR is featured on Jolly Fish Press' front page (just scroll down a little from the top):

"From May 8 through May 31, we invite all lovers of historical romance to embark on Elsie Park's outlandish and sweeping medieval tale of love and intrigue. For a limited time only, you can now buy and download Shadows of Valor at irresistible prices. PRINT COPIES ARE NOW ON SALE FOR $7.99 EACH, AND EBOOK COPIES ARE ONLY $3.99."

"When a mysterious man shows up under the King's command to uncover the scandals that are tainting the kingdom, Elsbeth Rawley, Lord Shaufton's niece, discovers that nothing is what it seems. There are secrets within the walls of Graywall, and Elsbeth must stand strong and tread carefully to avoid getting caught in the danger that looms ahead. What entails is a glorious tale full of deceit, greed, inner struggles, betrayal, and, most of all, love."

"This sale is only available via [Jolly Fish Press] shopping cart. Simply click the blue BUY NOW button on the book's title page or the link below to purchase."

Model: Brady Knighton. Photo: Yelena Baykova. Design: Jolly Fish Press.

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