Tuesday, October 17, 2017

COVER REVEAL: Perils of Wrath by Elsie Park

Cover design by Dane Low of Ebook Launch in conjunction with Amberjack Publishing.

Perils of Wrath finally has a cover, and I LOVE it!

Perils of Wrath, a proper medieval action-romance and sequel to Shadows of Valor, follows the story of the orphan boy, Roland, who is now a gallant knight and pursuing his own quest.

"To shape their destiny, they must give up control."

“Nothing frustrates a knight more than being shackled to an unruly female squire with guarded secrets and a persistent sweet tooth.”

Sir Roland Beaumont's investigation into his birth parents’ deaths leads him to Guildon Castle, domain of Lord Craven. Roland’s plans are complicated when the earl enlists him to tame his stepdaughter, Audrina Gibbons, by training her as a squire. Roland soon finds that Audrina―Audri―is much more than he imagined.

Unable to save her mother from Craven's physical abuse, Audri’s open hostility for her stepfather and his scheme pits her against her would-be trainer. Audri's provocation strains Roland’s composure, much as his merciless training regime tests her willpower.
Sir Roland’s quest for truth soon tests the resolve of both knight and squire as the dark secrets of Guildon Castle are unearthed―secrets never meant to be revealed . . . secrets that some would kill to keep.

Perils of Wrath is slated for release May 2018 through Amberjack Publishing.

Perils of Wrath book trailers on Youtube:
1-minute trailer
2-minute trailer
A Mighty Change - ballad featured in Perils of Wrath

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