Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Weight Loss with Publication Near
Weight Loss with Publication Near

As I came to the realization I was being published, I decided that NOW would be the perfect time to finally take off those extra pounds gained after having three kids. The thought of my picture being taken and my future appearance at book signings made me yearn for my smaller clothes (not worn for so long they have probably gone out and back into style). I miss doing sporty things with my athletic husband and active children. I miss my old jeans. I miss being happy with my pictures. I miss feeling healthy. 

I traded a more active life (soccer player, runner, fire fighter and cop) to start a family, but I should have eaten healthier and exercised even after having children, despite being a busy mom. With effort, I could have worked it in, but I chose not to. Now I'm stuck with weight to lose. I believe, however, that I've finally found the inspiration to stick with a weight loss plan.

After much consideration, I'm posting my weight-loss goal. Why do this on a social media site you may ask? Well, my philosophy had always been, “No one knows I started a diet, so no one will know if I quit and fail.” But now, since those who read this blog will know about it, it makes me want to stick to my diet. I fear letting others down even if the weight loss really only affects me.

Some may roll their eyes or shake their heads, saying I’m just opening myself up to ridicule, but I feel that those who are true friends will encourage and support me even if I struggle and have set backs. And those who are prone to ridicule, will do so even if I succeed.

I've done my research on nutrition (no pills or fad diets for me), and I know what kind of exercise is realistic and available for my current lifestyle. My target is to lose 40 pounds by the end of September, 2012. This will take strict adherence to healthy eating and daily exercise, but I'm determined more than ever to make it work. I started Monday, June 18th, 2012. Diets always start Monday *smile*. So far, I've done well.

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