Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Music in my Novel

Anna Brady -

Music to be Part of my Book!

I got the verdict from Jolly Fish Press today about my submitted sheet music for my medieval fiction novel, Shadows of Valor. It's a go and I'm SO EXCITED! Although I wrote three ballads in my story and then composed the music (tapping into my piano background), only one shortened version of ONE BRAVE KNIGHT will be added as an addendum to the book, but I'm SO GLAD it'll be apart of it. Novel release September 7, 2013! And although only a condensed version of only one ballad was added as an addendum to the novel, here's the link for view all three songs in their entirety: 

AN UPDATE TO MY MUSIC: Just a few days ago (March 11, 2013) the executive editor, Christopher Loke, at my publishing house, Jolly Fish Press, asked if I would take parts of my songs and combine them into a 2-minute arrangement to use in my book trailer. I was tickled he asked me to take part in this. I worked on the arrangement for two days and then sent it to Chris for approval, and he LOVED it *phew*. Now I will be recording it with different instruments including the piano, viola, violin, flute, recorder, bass drum and acoustic guitar. I can't wait to see how it sounds after it's all done and how it will be when it's tied in with the trailer. EXCITING! Did I mention I was excited? *BIG SMILE*

UPDATE: APRIL 4, 2013 - I just finished mixing the composition I made for my book trailer. Sent it to my publisher. Can't wait to see it with the video on YouTube sometime before my book is released.

Official trailer:
Personal Trailer:
One Brave Knight ballad:


  1. I am so excited for you. Maybe you could compose some for my book???????? What a talent.

    1. Thanks, Janet! Yeah, maybe that'll be the next big thing in novels, putting music in them too. I'd LOVE to help with your trailer score. Chris Loke might already have something in mind for yours, though. He's kind of particular - LOL - but ask him and see *smile*