Friday, November 2, 2012

Thankful for Schools in the U.S.

WHAT I AM THANKFUL FOR: Having a SCHOOL SYSTEM in the United States.
There are people who complain about our school systems, and yes, they are not perfect, but I'm THANKFUL to even HAVE schools at all! ANY school system is a GOOD THING. Some countries don't and their sweet people are illiterate and struggling. Yes, there are some teachers who have lost the fire and desire to teach and don't seem to care anymore, but there are still educators (a good majority) who go above and beyond their "job" and truly help their students learn. Teaching, like so many other careers, is often a ridiculed and thankless one. So I'm saying "thank you" to those teachers who still teach with a desire to educate and uplift our growing generation. On that note, the responsibility of education should NEVER be placed ENTIRELY on the schools. A parent's involvement in their child's education is paramount to them learning and learning WELL. Where a school may lack in teacher effort or poorly funded curriculum, the parent needs to make up for at home through TIME, TEACHING and EXAMPLE. The home is the first classroom.

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