Monday, July 15, 2013

Rachel K. Johnson: Interview with Elsie Park

Rachel K. Johnson: Interview with Elsie Park: I'm here introducing Elsie Park, a debut author and a friend whose book Shadows of Valor  is coming out September 7, 2013. ...


  1. Hi Elise, I liked reading this interview. I could do an interview on my blog if you'd like to help people notice your book (because it looks positively awesome.) My blog isn't terribly popular, but you know, every little bit helps right?

    1. You're SO DANG SWEET, Tayla! A WONDERFUL IDEA! I'd LOVE to do an interview on your blog. You can e-mail me whatever questions you'd like or a subject of your choosing that I could write about, at: I will e-mail it back with my picture and cover, and then you can let me know when you'd like to post it (it's all up to you - I'm easy :). Hopefully it will be two-fold: 1) to expose my book and 2) to get you some new followers and you some exposure as well :)

    2. Sounds great, I'll type up the questions tomorrow!