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What is THE PERILS OF WRATH about?

THE PERILS OF WRATH is a spinoff from Shadows of Valor but is still a standalone that can be read aside from the other. However, reading both will make the main character and storyline more meaningful. I’ve taken the little red-haired orphan boy, Roland, from Shadows of Valor and weaved a tale for him when he grows up and becomes a knight.

In 1314 A.D., England, Roland searches for the truth behind his birth parents’ suspicious death, which brings him to Guildon Castle, a foreboding structure near the war-torn Scottish border (I include a brief account of the battle of Bannockburn in this story as well). Roland poses as a disinherited knight to keep himself on the down-low, but then Guildon’s tyrannical earl gives Sir Roland the unusual assignment of taming his obstinate, overweight stepdaughter by making her Roland’s squire! A female squire? Unheard of!

What emerges is a tale of mystery, secrets, dishonorable knights, medieval torture, and hardcore training that stacks up to any modern tactics for weight loss and muscle toning (does the NBC show STRONG comes to mind? Yeah, it’s like that, but medieval!). Most of all, this is another story of love and overcoming personal weakness, turning them into strengths.

I’ve also written another ballad for this story and have composed the music to it which will be featured in my book trailer (coming to Youtube closer to book release in 2018).

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