Tuesday, July 31, 2012



How did I come to write music for my story? Music and ballads played a HUGE roll in history, being both entertainment and a way to tell stories and remember important events. I was also inspired by the wonderful poems and songs J.R.R. Tolkien wrote in The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings, loving them more with the musical adaptations in the movies directed by Peter Jackson. (Side note: The first of the three-part Hobbit movies directed by Peter Jackson comes out December 14th, 2012! SO EXCITED!) So I wrote three ballads into my story, words only at first, but as I pictured my character singing them, I found myself wondering what the songs would sound like if put to music. Tapping into my piano background, I started fiddling with tunes to fit the words. After months of working on the music, I felt satisfied with my simple compositions. I was ELATED when Jolly Fish Press announced they’d allow the written music in the book. AWESOME!!!

The first song is a lively one about the jovial celebration of May Day (akin to the May Day song from the musical “Camelot” for those who are familiar with it). Having no deep message to it, it’s just fun.

The second song, my personal favorite, is a ballad speaking to knights. The words express a maiden’s plea for rescue from the cold grip of life’s shadows and hardships. It’s written in a minor key, so it sounds the most medieval of the three.

The third song is about true love standing firm against the test of trials, coming out victorious as two hearts become one. This song is written in a major key and wraps up my story with its message. 

I’d love to hear the ballads played with medieval instruments, but lutes and panpipes are not in my current collection of musical devices. I only have a digital piano (not medieval by any means) and my husband’s out of tune and rarely touched guitar. So, maybe someday *smile*.

Here's the sheet music! Check it out!


  1. We'll have to set something up for the book launch!

    1. *smile* I thought the same thing. My digital piano is semi-portable. It can be set up wherever there's an electrical outlet. We'll have to see what Kirk and Chris think about it when launch time comes.

  2. This is so cool! I made up a little medieval song/poem for my current WIP, but I'm a lousy poet, so it's pretty darn simple. No music, and fortunately for me, it gets interrupted half-way through so I didn't have to finish it. LOL

    1. You crack me up, Joyce! I'm sure your not as lousy a poet as you think. I'd love to see your poem/song in your next publication! They bring uniqueness and life to any story :)