Friday, February 15, 2013

Barbara Knudsen's Awesome Art!

This special post is dedicated to my sister Barbara Knudsen's AWESOME pastel art. Barbara, my younger sister by two years (and my only sister), has done beautiful and WAY CUTE pictures of art since grade school. Her original characters with their telling facial expressions and actions show unique stories or situations through Barbara's clever artistic talent. She's done small books for home and family use, pictures on her own wall, and some art for others as they've asked for specific works. Probably her biggest projects have been painting the walls of rooms. Before my family moved out of our childhood home, Barbara painted an AMAZING Greek Garden mural on one of our bathroom walls, and then years later was commissioned by a client friend to paint the walls in an entire garage being furnished for a children's gymnastic studio. I praise and adore Barbara's work, and I hope others will appreciate her sweet animal characters too.

Here are several samples of her art: (click on pictures to enlarge)

This has got to be my favorite - It's entitled "Never Give Up"

Elephant and monkey on Jungle Gymnastics wall

Jungle Gymnastics wall

Jungle Gymnastics wall

This flamingo pic is SO SWEET - It's entitled "First Flight"

I LOVE the different expressions on the monkeys as they work together to obtain a single banana - It's entitled "Teamwork"
I love these fluffy, pudgy bears in "Family Time"
The Greek ruins bathroom mural - a picture of a picture since we don't live in the old house anymore and can't get a digital pic
More of the Greek ruins bathroom mural
Three picture prints placed together to show how the Greek-themed painting wrapped around the bathroom walls above the shower.

Another cute team work picture to help a little guy hanging on a breaking branch - It's entitled "The Rescue"
Barbara would love to write children's books and do the art for them, but she's also open to producing the art for another children's author who is looking for an artist.

Note: Barbara did NOT ask me to post this article, but she DID give me permission to do so when I asked her if I could. I love her and want to help her dream of creating art as a business begin to take flight.

If you're interested in Barbara's art, in hiring her to do some work (either for books or individual art pieces), or would like a printed copy of her work, her e-mail is: She charges only a small amount above the cost to get the picture printed and mailed out.

Or you may contact me and I will contact her.
My contact information is:
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  1. Elsie, Barbara and you are two talented chicks! And that goes for your dear brothers as well--the talented part, not the chick part. Whew!

    1. Ha! I'm glad you specified that, Keri - LOL - Thanks for the compliment, but I can say that NO TALENT compares to being healthy, and my ultimate goal is to reach your state of health and fitness. You're my hero, cousin, and I love you so much.

  2. Nice work! Hope she finds much success.

  3. I had no idea how creative all of you are.I am so proud to say "I knew you(all)when"

    1. *smile* You're so sweet, Becki. Thanks! I'm glad we've connected (or rather REconnected - LOL) after so many years. HUGS!