Saturday, July 27, 2013

Medieval-style Tunics for Book Launch

So I ordered myself a cute medieval-style tunic top with bell sleeves for my book launch and subsequent signings for SHADOWS OF VALOR from the internet company “Holy Clothing” (the name playing on the term “Holy Cow!” I believe). Tunic pictured below:

My cute little girls, when they saw what I’d ordered, yelled, “We want one, too!” Hmm, the top was a little too pricy for ordering three more, not to mention they didn’t come in kids’ sizes. What to do?

I went through my costume patterns and picked out a pattern for a medieval dress with bell sleeves that I planned to shorten, making it into a shirt (instead of the long dress the pattern was for), but I would have to make each one from scratch, something I could do, but that would take considerable time.

Then the thought hit me: Why not get some pre-made modern dresses and simply modify them to what I wanted. Brilliant! So off we went to the local thrift store and found some dresses for $5 apiece and a gold-colored bed sheet for $2 for the bell sleeves on one of the dresses. I set to work and got the projects done within a few hours.

The girls modeled their new tunics for me and I got some cute shots. We’re ready for the book launch on September 7, 2013!


  1. SOOO cute! Adorable girls :) tell them for me that they look lovely in their medieval attire. =)