Monday, August 12, 2013

Select Musical Compositions in SHADOWS OF VALOR

After having an e-mail conversation with my publisher last night (taking up several messages back and forth), I was obliged to accept that ALL of my musical compositions wouldn't make it into SHADOWS OF VALOR as an addendum. Only ONE is promised to be in there at this point, and I still don't know which one it is. But, don't worry, I had my cry and today I feel better. A grateful attitude has returned to my heart that I'm getting published AT ALL, and by an AWESOME publishing house, Jolly Fish Press, and that the work of fiction I slaved over for years will see book shelves. I'm giddy and excited and happy over that fact *HUMBLE GRIN*


  1. I'm sorry Elsie! You must have been so disheartened when you found that out. Good for you to look at the bright side, but I know how much the music means to you.

    After the book comes out will Jolly Fish let you put it on your website, or maybe even their website as an extra?

    1. Actually, I've already posted all the music on this blog under the page "S of V Piano Sheet Music". I own the rights to all my music, even the one(s) JFP (Jolly Fish Press) is putting in the book. Recent changes have suggested they are trying to put more than one song in the book, but I simply won't know for sure what they'll be able to do until the book is released. If people want to come here and print out my music for personal use, they can.