Monday, October 14, 2013


Front of house
Well, my husband and I finally found and bought a house (YAHOO!) that we will be in for a long time. The house is right next to my in-law's where were were temporarily living for 9 months. We had an easy time moving our belongings after my husband cut a gap in the fence between the properties (with his parent's permission, of course - LOL). Though I'm staying extremely busy with all the unpacking and organizing, I'm grateful to have found a good home on almost an acre of property where we plan to plant fruit trees, a garden and add some more lawn. The cute home was built in the early 80s, but has been well cared for by a great family. It isn't a big house, but fits within our tight budget, and also fits our family, so we're extremely happy and feeling blessed. :)
Maple trees with autumn leaves in front of house

Driveway lined with beautiful trees and vegetation

Side view of back patio surrounded by lovely trees

My husbands shop - his "man cave" : )
The biggest and most beautiful kitchen I've ever had (disregard the messy counters while I'm still organizing)

Living Room with our old couches, ratty coffee table, my digital piano and a giant plush fish under some pillows in the corner

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  1. It IS a lovely house, the giant fish plush is always a plus. ;)