Thursday, February 6, 2014

SHADOWS OF VALOR book trailer!

Here's the official book trailer on Youtube for my novel, SHADOWS OF VALOR:

The short video, directed by Yelena Baykova, features the original score that I (Elsie Park) composed for it, the two cover models (Paulina Baykova and Brady Knighton) featured on the cover of SHADOWS OF VALOR as Elsbeth and The Shadow, and the narration by Ashley N. Grant. The still shots depict scenes from the novel, and the scenery in the video gives the appearance of a painted background, perfect for a medieval story. I LOVE IT SO MUCH! SO FUN! I LOVE IT! Did I mention I love it? :-)

I made a short trailer for my novel, too, using the same original score that I composed and my brother-in-law, Michael Park, mixed with his cool computer program and instruments. ENJOY! Be sure to turn up your bass speakers for the second half of the score. The bass It's sounds really cool! Here’s the Youtube link:

ONE BRAVE KNIGHT is a ballad I wrote especially for SHADOWS OF VALOR.
The lyrics, written in with the sheet music, can be found in the book and on my blog here:

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