Saturday, July 12, 2014

Who would play my characters in the SHADOWS OF VALOR movie?

If my medieval romantic fiction, SHADOWS OF VALOR, was made into a movie, which actors would I choose for the roles?

Lady Elsbeth Rawley would be played by KATE BECKINSALE (I remember her most from 1993's Much Ado About Nothing and Jane Austen's Emma)
Kate Beckinsale picture from
Other possible actresses for Elsbeth: Jennifer Connelly, Katie McGrath, Keira Knightley

Sir Calan Beaumont (The Shadow) would be played by STEPHEN AMELL from the TV series Arrow and Hallmark TV movie When Calls The Heart
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Other possible actors for Sir Calan/The Shadow: Chris Hemsworth, Richard Armitage

Lady Genevieve Shaufton would be played by Maggie Grace from When Calls the Heart and Lost
Picture from
Other possibilities for Jenna: Kate Hudson, Charlize Theron, Rachel Skarsten

Sir Giles Beaumont would be played by Bradley James who was Arthur in the TV mini series Merlin
Picture from
Other Possible Actors for Sir Giles: Channing Tatum

Sir Randall Bolkin would be played by Orlando Bloom from Pirates of the Caribbean, The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit
Picture form
Other possible actors for Sir Randall: Mike Vogel, Alexander Skarsgard, Paul Walker

Lady Cecilia Shaufton would be played by Alice Krige from Thor: The Dark World and Star Trek: First Contact
Picture from
Other possibilities for Ceclia: Susanna Thompson or Susan Sarandon

Bartram McCaulch would be played by Rufus Sewel from The Legend of Zorro & A Knight's Tale

Other possible actors for Bartram: Sean Bean

Lord Rupert Shaufton would be played by Sean Bean from The Lord of the Rings
& Game of Thrones
Picture from
Other possibilities for Rupert: Hugh Jackman

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