Thursday, May 12, 2016

Cynicism in Law Enforcement - Relating it to SHADOWS OF VALOR.

Sir Calan (aka: The Shadow), my knight in SHADOWS OF VALOR, is a spy/law enforcer working for King Edward I. His view of people has become cynical through his long years of dealing with society at its worst (criminals), to the point where he doesn’t trust anyone. He thinks everyone has something to hide, even seemingly innocent people.

This view stems from my personal experience as a law enforcement officer. Police officers are trained to be aware that anyone and anything can be a potential threat to their lives and the lives of others. This is essential in order to be ready should an assault occur. This tactic has kept officers, not only on the police force but in the military as well, alive, safe and able to serve another day.

Seeing everyone as a potential suspect carries into an officer’s everyday activities, even off duty. This is normal and not a bad thing, as it has saved the lives of their own family members and countless citizens throughout history. But if an officer isn’t careful, this view of life can easily turn his/her heart and mind to dark thoughts of revenge, justice, and even more common, to depression. This can, and often does, lead to the abuse of alcohol and other drugs in an attempt to “deal” with the negativity. To avoid this destructive course, it helps to have a strong support system with friends and family, but even beyond that, an officer must remain strong and true to his/her moral convictions of what’s right and wrong.

My supportive family, good friends and religious Christian views have kept my thoughts well balanced between justice and mercy. Though I am no longer an officer of the law, as a mother of four little children and a wife to a hardworking husband, I retain an alert eye to my surroundings in order to keep them and my friends safe from those seeking to hurt or take advantage of them. I do not apologize for my view, but use it to my benefit, being careful not to overstep the bounds of diehard cynicism, but truly judge a situation with an intelligent eye and act accordingly to keep my loved ones safe.

And so the question remains: Does Sir Calan’s hardcore cynicism destroy his soul, sending him into a dark place where none can rescue, or does he find that necessary balance between serving justice and finding mercy? Find out in SHADOWS OF VALOR, on sale now through May 31, 2016.

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