Friday, July 7, 2017


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This recipe for TEXAS SHEET CAKE COOKIES came in our local North Ogden City mailer. The girls and I tried them out and they were SO DANG GOOD! If you make them, follow the recipe directions and don't over bake. Oh, my personal note: reduce the amount of salt added if using salted butter. Ours still turned out yummy, but with a hint of saltiness that could have been avoided by reducing or omitting the salt because we used salted butter. Also, they come off the pan easier if using parchment paper like the recipe suggests, but they'll still turn out fine if you don't have parchment paper. We tried both ways. The frosting is what really makes the cookie oh, so tasty. The recipe makes enough frosting for a double batch of cookies, so double the cookies, but only make a single portion of the frosting (unless, of course, you WANT the leftover frosting for other reasons - graham crackers anyone?). We can't make these cookies too often because we ate WAY too many of them. Anyway, just had to share! Enjoy!

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