Sunday, April 7, 2013

My Review of Adrienne Monson's "Dissension"

Dissension by Adrienne Monson, book one in The Blood Inheritance trilogy.

Though not for those squeamish about blood, Dissension takes the reader on a journey unlike any other vampire story I've heard. This is an interesting and fast-paced telling of an age-old war between vampires and immortals which commenced from the day of their origin thousands of years before. A difficult romance between two main characters who hope for unification accompanies the story as an underlying dilemma to overcome. Prophecy is told of a child who will affect the war as each division races to find the child first, each hoping to utilize him for their own purposes.

Monson executes her scenes with an effective hand, allowing the reader to picture exactly what needs to be seen and experienced. Dissension introduces an interesting take on vampire and immortal origins that no other book or movie have ever touched as far as I know (though I’m no authority on vampire lore). Monson establishes an interesting and intricate romance between her main characters, adding an intriguing twist at the end concerning a particular association. Monson also integrates multicultural characters throughout the book, appealing to readers of all ethnicities.

There’s no harsh language in her story (though I think “hell” or “damn” might have appeared once or twice). There are, however, quite a few violent images, including plenty of blood, breaking bones and fighting with knives and guns, as the aggressive and even sadistic lives of the vampires influence the content.

Overall, the story is fast-paced and keeps the reader interested to the end. Monson wraps up many events in the first book, while others remain open, leaving the reader curious about how the next two books will continue the war between vampires and immortals. How will the prophecy child appear and what role will he play in the entire event?

NOTE: This book is not for young readers or adults sensitive to brutal imagery as there is a violent overtone about the book (similar to what one might see and hear on CSI shows). Though Monson doesn't describe explicitly, she insinuates about sadistic sex, torture, murder and even the disturbing implication of vampires feeding on a mother and her newborn babe, all of which make this a read one for a strong and mature mind.

Go to the Jolly Fish Press site for links on where to purchase Dissension.


  1. I met Adrienne at a conference a few years ago. I'm glad to hear she's getting published! Back then we exchanged manuscripts to edit each other's, and I really enjoyed her story a ton. It's a page-turner. I'm excited to read her book once it comes out--it's sure to be even better than the old manuscript.

    1. So did you edit one of her first manuscripts for Dissension or another story? Either way, that's neat!

  2. It was one of her first manuscripts for Dissension.