Wednesday, April 24, 2013

PITCH GREEN book review

In this story, young children have turned up missing without a trace for over 50 years in Trona. Cal and Camm, friends since childhood, set out to discover why. Their investigation leads them to an abandoned mansion next to the chemical plant. But there's more to the old building than its dark halls. A sinister presence inhabits the place and has set it's sights on the interloping duo as they cross into its territory. 

Pitch Green, a young adult suspense/horror by The BrothersWashburn (published by Jolly Fish Press) is a 277-page mystery that reminded me of the good old Hardy Boys (a childhood favorite of mine), though with a little more blood and guts. I finished the story in two days. It would have been one had I started it earlier in the day and not had chores and children to look after *smile*. The book gripped me from the first chapter and continued to hold my eager interest from page to page until the bitter end.

I liked the characters because they were realistic and made their decisions with logical and intelligent thought (something I really appreciate). It was neat to see the small desert town of Trona, California, through the eyes of the characters (and thus though the eyes of the authors, as well, since they grew up there). Because of this story, I can see Trona, a location previously unknown and uninteresting to most, becoming the next “fascinating landmark to visit” on vacation routes through California to see where this creepy story took place.

Pitch Green is a good read for both young adults and adults, especially for those who enjoy a great suspenseful mystery without major bad language and sex, though "son of a b----" appears twice in the story, and there is some violence and blood as expected from any story in the horror genre.

Well done, Berk and Andy Washburn! I await your second book with bated breath. And I love the picture on the back cover. Your expressions seem to say, “We dare you to read our story in the middle of the night when you’re all alone.” *big grin*

Pitch Green is available to order at any bookstore, online and on e-readers.

Note: There are scenes with sculls, rotting flesh, blood, broken bones and torn limbs in this story, but as Pitch Green is a young adult novel, the images are tastefully reined in to give the reader a sense of the action and danger without overdoing the gruesome factor.


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