Monday, June 3, 2013

Fairy Godmothers Inc. book review

Fairy Godmothers Inc., a 299-page novel by Jenniffer Wardell, is a fun PG-rated romantic comedy that’s unraveled at a nice leisurely pace.

Usually a fairy godmother is the one bringing about a happily-ever-after, but what if the one needing help with her relationship is the fairy godmother? To whom does she turn to sort out the trials and pitfalls of her budding romance? As one character says to the prince in the story, “It strikes me as horribly ironic that you apparently need a Fairy Godmother to properly manage your courtship of a Fairy Godmother.” And so it would seem.

Ripe with quick wit and continual references to fairy tales the reader will recognize, this amusing read cleverly melds old-world tales and new-world business techniques. Wardell introduces a new take on the fairytale with a behind-the-scenes look at the production end of fairy godmothers, but not everything is smooth sailing. In fact, under the surface, questionable practices brew, create issues for the company and its clientele.

And what of Cinderella (Rellie) being set up with someone whose not her intended prince? Misunderstandings and shady business tactics cause problems that seem near impossible to sort out. Will this story achieve its happy ending?

Pick up a copy of Fairy Godmothers Inc. to see how everything turns out in this new and unconventional tale.

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