Monday, September 15, 2014

KSL (NBC) Studio 5 Relaxing Reads features SHADOWS OF VALOR!

I was delighted and flattered that Teri Harman (author of the Moonlight contemporary witch trilogy) featured my medieval romance, SHADOWS OF VALOR on her Studio 5 segment as part of her "relaxing reads" lists. Mine was one of 6 titles mentioned. I couldn't be happier with the feature and the tagline for my book that my male character is like a "medieval batman!" Awesome! Here's the link to the short segment. Mine is the second book in the list:
Thanks, Teri!


  1. Congratulations! Very complimentary and so nice to be getting the word out on your book.

    1. Yes, thanks, Keri! Gotta keep the momentum going while I'm working my other book :-)