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Forget all your preconceptions of old witches with warts, pointed hats and flying broomsticks. Teri Harman brings her readers to a modern-day world of witches where the natural elements of the earth hold the key to their power. And not only are there good witches (light witches) who respect the earth and use magic for the good of humanity, but there are opposing bad witches (dark witches) who are only out for world domination and power. These two forces come head to head in this story of a young woman and young man who have just come to grips with the fact that they are witches. They find opposition and rejection from those they love, but love and acceptance from others of their kind as they learn to develop and control their powers. Set in modern-day United States, we learn that witches lead quite normal lives: They marry, have families and carry jobs. But dark witches are ever seeking to destroy the light witches, so they must remain vigilant at all times. When together, the light witches have more power to fight the dark witches, but dark witches are known for their underhanded and shady tactics, at times catching the light witches off guard. Will the light witch covens survive the onslaught of evil unleashed by the dark covens? Find out in BLOOD MOON, Harman’s first installment in her Moonlight Trilogy.

Harman’s beautiful story-telling envelopes readers, bringing them into the story, and allowing them to feel the characters’ pains, difficulties and triumphs. The story ends with a sum up, but also purposeful loose ends that lead right into her second book, BLACK MOON, due out September 16, 2014.

Come join her launch party for BLACK MOON on September 20, 2014 at THE KING’S ENGLISH bookshop, 7-9pm (located at 1511 South 1500 East, Salt Lake City, Utah, 84105, United States)

BLOOD MOON and BLACK MOON can be found in paperback and on e-book on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and ordered from any other bookstore.

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