Monday, May 28, 2018

Book review: A Thousand Sleepless Nights by Teri Harman

A Thousand Sleepless Nights and author Teri Harman

My review of A Thousand Sleepless Nights by Teri Harman, author of the Moonlight trilogy (Blood Moon, Black Moon, & Storm Moon).

A Thousand Sleepless Nights, a clean romance with a touch of magic, had me from the first pages, gripping my interest from the conversation between Matilda (the main character) and her dying Aunt Jetty. The themes in this story are strong and heart-wrenching as the reader travels on a measured journey of tragedy, heartache, tears, confusion, and longing. That being said, the story (for me) had a satisfying ending as it is also infused with learning, growing, hope, and a little bit of magic brought on by the power of emotions (especially grief). Lines from the story explain this element: “We rarely realize how powerful our thoughts can be, how powerful our emotions are. There’s tremendous energy there, and if we let it that energy can build and build until it creates its own strength, its own will.”

Don’t expect a fast-moving action-adventure, or even your average romance with this one. This is a leisurely-paced love story like no other. And the events in this book can be understood both figuratively and realistically as the author adds in a touch of the supernatural. Can I just say that the scene where the typewriter first starts typing by itself literally gave me chills.

The importance of, and love for, books and writing are also beautifully illustrated throughout the story. Henry’s thoughts at one point echoed my own as an author: “Writers could control what happened, could change it. A magician toying with fate. If he wanted, there could always be a happy ending.”

Even though I love the main characters, Matilda and Henry, my favorite character has got to be Abby, a good woman who remains positive despite terrible tragedies in her past. She is a good mother-figure and a great example to Matilda and Henry who are learning to deal with their own tragedies. We are first introduced to Abby through these lines and one can’t help but immediately fall in love with her character:

“Abby, we don’t have any idea who this guy is,” Gill protested. “You can’t . . .”

“Oh, shut up, you old grump,” she shot back. “The boy needs help. And I can tell just lookin’ at him that he’s good through and through. Be a decent Christian for once in your miserable life.” She frowned reproachfully, but then turned a bright smile on Henry. “You a thief?”

Henry blanched, blinked. “No, Ma’am.”

“Ax murderer? Annoying salesman? Fugitive? Nail biter?” She smiled as she said the last one and the tension in Henry’s gut eased slightly.

“No ma’am.”

Abby nodded and reached for him. “Then you come in now, out of the icy night, and let’s see what we can do.”

A Thousand Sleepless Nights is a solid read, but don’t take my word for it . . . read it yourself.

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