Monday, August 27, 2012

Prank Call Retaliation

I received a prank call today. I answered the unknown number and a young lady yelled something about "loving Lady Gaga" before hanging up. I thought, "Stupid teens!" Yes, I could have ignored it, but I chose to act while I was EXTREMELY annoyed! I called her number back and she answered. I asked why she called a person she didn't know only to yell what she did. She hung up on me. I called back again and she told me to stop calling her before hanging up again, but I wasn't swayed. I sought answers, and besides, SHE called ME first. Finally, the third time I asked for her parents. She told me she was 23-years old. I told her to GROW up and that I'd stop calling her if she wouldn't prank call again. I also said I had her number on file and that I'd hand it over to the police for harassment if she called me again. She said, "Okay" and we hung up. I looked her number up on the internet and she was someone from McCammon, Idaho, U.S.A. That's as far as I went because there was no real harm done (and I'm not a stalker), but I've hopefully scared an immature 23-year old (if she really was that age) into not abusing her phone again. Lesson learned . . . hopefully.

Yeah, don't prank call an ex-cop because I don't put up with that crap! I'll retaliate! *smile*

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