Sunday, August 12, 2012

My review of The Housekeeper's Son

My review of The Housekeeper's Son by author and editor Christopher Loke.
I will have Christopher as a guest this Fiday, August 17th. Fellow author Christopher Loke who wrote The Housekeeper's Son.

The Housekeeper’s Son, a murder mystery by Christopher Loke, grips the reader’s interest from the first page before the story is methodically unfolded, keeping the audience wondering about the full truth until the bitter end. Loke’s brilliant flip-flopping between 1st and 3rd person, a practice many authors dare not attempt, is done with an aptitude only few can perform. Executing this method with precision, the story’s mystery is enhanced to its fullest.

Although Loke chooses a stereotyped Mormon town for his backdrop, the issues brought up are universal. Any reader can relate, in some way, to the controversies involved, for they have occurred in all other times, communities, countries, religions and races. A little more research could have been done, however, on LDS (Mormon) Church policies and doctrines, as some of them were misrepresented, like passing out flyers in church, which is simply not allowed.

While the mystery is wrapped up with satisfaction, the reader is left with an eerie thought about his own surroundings. Does he really know his neighbor? Can he trust those he calls friend? Have forbidden secrets penetrated his own home and family? Is murder ever justified? It makes one ponder. How will The housekeeper’s Son with Loke’s cunning script affect your seemingly secure world?

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