Tuesday, August 21, 2012


SIMPLE BAKED APPLE: A MEDIEVAL DESSERT (makes 1 – duplicate as needed)

Photo Credit: http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/patrick-and-gina-neely/baked-apples-recipe.html
Patrick and Gina have a super tasty version of the baked apple here. 
One of my favorite medieval desserts that's still eaten today, and that I LOVE, is the baked apple. Medieval food was cooked over open flame on spits, metal platters, grates, pots, or in brick ovens. The closest a modern person has to these items are usually pots and pans on the stove, a gas or electric oven and a grill. So I will simply explain the recipe with the use of modern appliances, satisfied with the knowledge that the dish has ancient origins.

One medium apple (tart or sweet)
2 Tablespoons sugar (or brown sugar if desired)
1 teaspoon cinnamon

Pre-heat oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Leaving the skin on the apple, dig out the core and seeds, leaving a half-inch of it at the bottom to keep the sugar mixture from falling through. Mix the sugar and cinnamon together and pour into the middle of the apple. Place in a small baking dish and pour a ¼ inch of water into bottom of the dish so apple is sitting in the water*. Bake about 45 minutes or until apple is to desired softness. Drizzle the apple-syrup accumulated in bottom of pan over the apples. Enjoy with some modern ice cream :-).

*You can also STEAM the apple in a COVERED pot on the stove, or even in the microwave, rather than bake it – using about the same amount of water in the bottom and steaming for a little less time.

MODERN VARIATION: BAKED APPLE DUMPLING - My personal favorite is to PEEL and completely CORE the apple, place it on a rolled out 8 by 8-inch square of pie crust pastry dough rolled to 1/8-inch thick (homemade or store bought) then pour sugar/cinnamon mixture into the center of the apple. Wrap the entire apple in the pie pastry, covering it completely. Bake in ungreased dish (NO water in the bottom) at 350 degrees Fahrenheit for about 30-40 minutes (45-60 for large apples) until surrounding crust begins to golden (NOT BROWN). Remove and eat with vanilla ice cream. Tastes just like apple pie!

Pre-baked Apple Dumplings - Photo by Elsie Park
Baked Apple Dumplings -Photo by Elsie Park


  1. Tasted my fist apple dumpling about 3 years ago. Divine! My mom used to do baked apples in the microwave but I have learned she used the microwave for a lot of things I would opt to use an oven for. Still made it through my childhood. Also, I've added you to my "you matter" blog roll. Love you, cuz!

  2. You're awesome, Keri! Thanks!

    My grandma used the microwave for a lot of things too (well once they were invented and put into homes as a staple item). I lived with her in college and remember she cooked fish in the microwave. It actually came out pretty good. The microwave can be a useful tool, if used correctly, and a way to push food out in a jiffy. I agree, though, there's no beating the oven in many cases. I just can't see baking bread in the microwave (LOL). Is that even possible?
    Love ya too, Keri!!!

  3. Yum... Health food, right? Say yes! :)

  4. Healthy food? Depends on how much sugar you pour into the center of your apple - LOL - or whether you eat it with ice cream! Still, even with the added sugar, it's a healthier dessert than most sugar-laden confections out there. ENJOY!

  5. That looks so good. In envy anyone who has the desire, time, ability and love to create something so delicious. Now I'm off to buy dessert!!!

    1. You crack me up, Ann Marie! Yes, sometimes it's much easier to just BUY something tasty (and you get to start eating it a whole lot SOONER too). *smile*